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"Invest in good headshots", and that is exactly what it is, an investment.

Hi, I'm Ben. I've been a working actor and model for over 15 years. I’m often asked, “What advice do you have for aspiring or fellow artists?” Well, when you or your agent submit you for auditions, casting sees only a tiny, thumbnail photo. If you don’t have an attention grabbing, unique, and interesting photo, it’s difficult to be noticed in an already competitive industry!


I am here to help you be seen!!!

Your headshot is your calling card, your foot in the door, your ticket to ride! Don't waste your time getting mediocre photos. I’ll capture amazing images of who YOU are!

I grew up in Minnesota, where I received my degree from the International Art Institute of Minneapolis. After that, I traveled the globe with my acting and modeling career. Now living between Los Angeles and Dallas, I ride my horses at my ranch, enjoy playing with my dogs, try killing it in spin class often, and love hitting a dance floor. . . as I'm getting to know all the faces you see on my site. Feel free to Click here to learn more about my career.


Enough about me, lets get back to YOU - Click here to book a session!

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