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What to wear for headshots?

When choosing what to wear for headshots, it's important to consider the purpose of the headshot, the audience, and the overall image that you want to convey. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep it simple and classic. Avoid bold patterns or logos, which can be distracting and may not age well. Instead, opt for solid colors or simple, classic prints.

  2. Dress appropriately for the occasion. If the headshot is for a professional context, such as a job application or corporate website, consider wearing business attire or something that is appropriate for the industry or position. If the headshot is for a more casual or personal context, such as social media or a dating profile, you may be able to get away with a more relaxed or trendy outfit.

  3. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and hair color. Generally, colors that are too bright or too dark can be unflattering in photographs, so it's best to stick with mid-range colors that are complementary to your natural features.

  4. Pay attention to fit and comfort. Make sure that your clothing fits well and is comfortable to wear, so that you can feel confident and relaxed during the shoot.

  5. Consider the background and lighting. If you know the background or lighting setup for the shoot, you may be able to choose colors or textures that will complement or contrast with the background in a flattering way.

Overall, the goal is to choose clothing that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and reflects your personal style while also being appropriate for the context of the headshot.

For more tips on wardrobe please contact Benjamin McDonnell or check out our wardrobe guide once booking your shoot!


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