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The Wardrobe Guide

*If you have representation please talk to them about types you are going for and what their needs for the photos are as well


When it comes to headshots, your wardrobe plays a crucial role in shaping the impression you convey. Whether you're updating your professional LinkedIn profile, promoting your business, or pursuing a career in acting or modeling, the right outfit can enhance your image and make your headshot stand out. Here are some wardrobe suggestions to help you look your best:


1. Classic Business Attire:

  • For a timeless and professional look, opt for classic business attire. A well-fitted suit or blazer in neutral colors like navy, black, or charcoal gray exudes confidence and competence.

  • Pair your suit with a crisp, white shirt or a blouse for a clean and polished appearance.


2. Solid Colors:

  • Solid colors work well for headshots because they draw attention to your face. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and bring out your eyes.

  • Avoid loud patterns or bright, distracting colors that may divert attention from your face.


3. Layers and Textures:

  • Adding layers or textures to your outfit can add depth and interest to your headshot. Consider a cardigan, blazer, or a subtle patterned tie.

  • These elements can convey personality and approachability while maintaining professionalism.


4. Avoid Trends and Logos:

  • Headshots are meant to be timeless, so steer clear of clothing with trendy logos or graphics. These can quickly date your photo.

  • Opt for clothing that has a timeless quality, ensuring your headshot remains relevant for years to come.


5. Necklines and Accessories:

  • Pay attention to necklines that flatter your face shape. V-neck tops can elongate the neck and draw attention to your face.

  • Minimalistic accessories, such as a simple necklace or stud earrings, can add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the image.


6. Grooming and Fit:

  • Make sure your clothing is clean, well-pressed, and properly tailored to your body. Ill-fitting garments can detract from your overall appearance.

  • Don't forget to groom your hair, nails, and facial hair (if applicable) to present a polished look.


7. Bring Options:

  • It's a good idea to bring a few wardrobe options to your headshot session. This gives you and the photographer the flexibility to choose the best outfit based on lighting, background, and your desired image.


8. Consider Your Industry:

  • Your choice of wardrobe should align with your industry and the image you want to portray. For example, creative professionals may have more flexibility with casual attire, while corporate professionals may stick to a formal dress code.


9. Confidence is Key:

  • No matter what you wear, confidence is the most important accessory. Feel comfortable and at ease in your chosen outfit to ensure a relaxed and natural expression in your headshot.



•Tank tops (any variety of straps)

•T-Shirts (different cuts & colors)


•Dressy tops (Lace and interesting textures) 


•Layers to put over (blazers, leather jackets, denim jackets, hoodies, cardigans) 

•Dresses that have a great top portion work too!


•Sweaters, plaid shirts or flannels 

•A pair of Jeans or pants that you don’t mind being photographed in just in case they show!

Think outside the box! Feel free to bring some fun things that you love even if you think they would would be surprised!


**PLEASE BRING THE APPROPRIATE UNDERGARMENTS FOR YOUR CLOTHING (i.e., nude bra, strapless bra, pasties, etc…)


• T-shirts (v neck , crew cut, grey , black, and a variety of colors )


• Jacket Layers (leather jackets, denim jackets, cargo jackets, hoodies etc)

•Dress shirt / button down (bring ties, suit jackets, or anything else that you might want to take on or off to change the vibe).


•Henleys or flannels are great.

•A pair of Jeans or pants that you don’t mind being photographed in just in case they show & sweaters

•If you plan on shaving, please let us know in advance and bring your own shaving tolls (razor or electric) we have a restroom you are welcome to use to shave.

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